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I have always loved this quote by Bertrand Russell:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser men so full of doubts.

My storehouse in #Minecraft through an #instagram filter

from Instagram:

Started playing Minecraft again. I’m still very proud of the way I’ve constructed the storehouse. It’s by far the best storehouse we’ve ever had. Looks all Medieval…

After having a look at the IAMDiety server, our server’s group has become very aware of how sucky our building is in Minecraft. So, after logging on for the first time in two weeks, the first thing I notice is that there are a whole stack of grand looking buildings everywhere. Well, it would appear that the competition is now on.

Better get building…

The Royal Wedding and some thoughts on the Monarchy

As I am setting up this blog the Royal Wedding of William and Kate is in full swing. In fact, as I am typing this the clergyman is telling the Royal Family that every wedding is a royal wedding in the eyes of God. I think it’s wonderful that the minister has the balls to say that.

Living in Australia you can, at times, be strongly aware that there is a simmering republicanism that is waiting to break through the general apathy of the population. There has even been a referendum to change the constitution (such that the shackles of an ancient system of repression can be broken I imagine) which failed miserably. I’ve never really seen the problem with the monarchy myself. I don’t believe that someone is better than someone else as a pure result of their lineage – but historically there have been some kings and queens that have done some pretty remarkable things (and horrible things too, of course).

There are those that say that the cost of maintaining the Royal Family is an exorbitant waste of the tax payer’s money. I am not convinced that switching to an elected head of state would save that much money. This year it is looking like Obama will be spending anywhere up to $1 billion on his next election campaign. You may say that that is largely comprised of donations. That is true. But if you want a say in who will be your head of state, it will cost you. Then, after the election, you have to deal with a head of state who is partisan. There is something to be said for a head of state is for all intents and purposes ‘neutral’ and tends to stay out of things for the most part.

You also see people pointing out all the times that the royals fail to live up to the high standards expected of them. In truth they have, for the most part, behaved a hell of a lot better than their ancestors (just have a look at the descendants page of James II of England for example…). If you look at how the majority of people live their lives, the high adultery and divorce rates within the general community, they are quite likely reflecting it a bit better than one would like. Maybe that’s the problem…

And as I watch the Queen stand silently listening to the assembled throng sing “God Save the Queen” I wonder… do you think she ever sings “God save me” in the shower…