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Pebble: A watch that connects to your Smartphone (A dream come true)

It has always been a dream of mine to own a smartwatch – that is, something that has apps, connectivity and smart technology behind it. As a primary school kid I would draw various versions of these watches that had all of the gizmos an ’80s kid could imagine.

Well, finally, my dream is being met via the guys at Pebble. They have created a watch that connects to your smartphone (Android or iPhone) and provides some pretty remarkable connectivity options. They are in the process of Kickstarting their project, and have broken all kinds of records in the process. Originally they asked for $100,000, an amount that was beaten by millions within days.

Check out the video showing it off below: Continue reading

A sister’s moving tribute to Steve Jobs

Not many people know this, but Steve Job’s biological sister is the celebrated feminist novelist Mona Simpson. Famous in her own right, she delivered a eulogy at the memorial service held for Steve Jobs at Memorial Church of Stanford University on October 16th. At a time when a lot is being said about the legacy of his work, the importance of his life to the field of IT and the company he built, Mona’s words speak of a father, a family man, a person passionate about art and love. It’s an incrediably touching read.

You can find it here on the New York Times site.